Have You Been Sued by Westlake Financial?

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Have you received lawsuit papers from Westlake Financial? If so, you may be confused because you most likely have never had a credit card from them or any business with them. Who are they? Westlake Financial, like many others, is a collection agency that buys charged off accounts from creditors. If you accrued unpaid debt [...]

How to Fight Portfolio Recovery Associates

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Are you being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates? If you’ve received any communication by mail or otherwise notifying you of a debt you owe to Portfolio Recovery Associates, you are most likely facing a lawsuit.   You may be confused because you’ve never done business with Portfolio Recovery Associates. However, do not ignore it. Doing [...]

Auto Loan Deficiency Suits

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Unlike home ownership, college, and even credit cards, most people need a car. Unless you have access to public transportation or funds to rideshare wherever you go, a vehicle is essential to get yourself to work, your kids to school, and go about your daily life. This is why auto loan deficiency has become such [...]

Does Midland Funding Show Up to Court?

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Are you being sued by Midland Funding or Midland Credit Management? If you’ve received notification of a lawsuit or a bill from either version of Midland or any other collection agency, don’t pay them or respond. Instead, call Debt Legal Defense at (210) 468-1008. We specialize in handling debt defense cases and may be able [...]

Should You Pay Portfolio Recovery Associates?

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Have you been contacted by Portfolio Recovery Associates regarding a debt? If so, you may be experiencing a range of feelings. You may be confused, because you’ve never heard of Portfolio Recovery Associates. You may feel worried about the debt you owe and how you’ll pay it back. You could even be angry that your [...]

Sued by Discover Card? Get Expert Help Today

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Have you received notification that you’re being sued by Discover Card? Contact a debt lawsuit defense attorney right away to protect your rights. You have a limited time to respond to a lawsuit in order to avoid a judgment. Discover Card, unlike many other creditors who sell their unpaid accounts to debt buyers, pursue their [...]

Sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates? Take Action Now

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Have you recently received notification that you are being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates? You are not alone. Thousands of people are sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates and collection agencies like them that purchase charged-off debt from lenders and attempt to collect funds. What you need to know is that you are not obligated to [...]

Sued by a Collection Agency in Texas? Take Action Today

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Have you been notified that a collection agency in Texas is suing you for a debt? When a debt goes unpaid for an extended period of time, some lenders will turn your account over to a collection agency. The collection agency will usually attempt to collect the debt directly from you first, but if they [...]

Sued by Capital One? Here’s What To Do Now

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Overwhelming credit card debt is a very common situation that affects millions of Americans. Many credit card companies sell their unpaid accounts to a debt buyer or write them off. But Capital One Bank, more than any other creditor, has been known to file collection lawsuits against customers with unpaid debt. Are you being sued [...]