Medical Debt Lawsuit Defense

No one plans on getting sick, but for millions of Americans, catastrophic illness or injury leaves them with thousands of dollars of medical debt. Benjamin Trotter, Attorney at Law, P.C. is a law firm in San Antonio, Texas that serves clients in South Texas and the Hill Country by providing expert medical debt lawsuit defense services.

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San Antonio Medical Debt Lawsuit Defense Attorneys

Even with health insurance, it’s easy to get into debt when you or a loved one faces a health crisis and hard to get out of it. You may need to quit your job in the case of a prolonged illness, leaving you with mounting medical bills and no income to pay them. We want to be clear: it’s not your fault. Our team of medical debt lawsuit defense attorneys are here to help you navigate your lawsuit so you can focus on your recovery.

Medical debt defense is one of our specialties, which means we have the experience to get results for our clients. We know how to make the Texas legal system work in your favor. You don’t have to file for bankruptcy and you don’t have to handle stressful negotiations with hospitals and clinics on your own. There’s no reason to let medical debt rob you of everything you’ve worked so hard for all your life.

Medical Debt Lawsuit Defense

Medical debt lawsuit defense is different than other types of debt defense, as medical bills are more prone to errors and overcharging. You should never assume that the bill you receive is accurate or that your insurance has covered everything they should. When you hire our team of San Antonio medical debt defense attorneys to take on your case, we will get to the bottom of your medical bills and determine what you really owe.

Furthermore, when you are represented by our law firm, you can tell your medical providers and insurers that all future communications regarding your medical debt should be sent to us. You will no longer be burdened with constant phone calls and letters. Most of our medical debt cases are settled without ever having to set foot in the courtroom. We negotiate on your behalf to reach a resolution that works for you. In the event we determine your debt is erroneous or unjustified, we are not afraid to take the hospitals to Court.

Should we need to go to court, our attorneys are skilled at litigation, aggressively advocating for your interests. 

It’s time to put your medical debt behind you.

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We offer free consultations to all new clients. Our pricing is transparent, so you’ll always know what to expect. If you can’t afford our flat fees, we offer flexible payment plans that fit into your budget.

Once you have hired us to represent you, we will keep you informed as your case progresses. We value open communication—we’ll send you frequent reporting to update you on the status of your case and we’re always available to answer any questions you might have. 

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