Should I Consolidate My Federal Student Loans?

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  If you are one of the 43 million current or former borrowers with outstanding federal student loan debt, you may be thinking of consolidating your federal student loans. Maybe you are hoping that a single payment each month will relieve some of the burdens of meeting your obligations and even lower your overall student [...]

How Do You Consolidate Federal Student Loans?

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About 45 million people in the United States have student loan debt, and 95 percent of these borrowers have federal loans. On average, those borrowers owe $36,510 to the federal government. With these staggering statistics, perhaps it’s no surprise that most people with federal student debt have more than one loan.  The number of loans [...]

How Do You Answer A Lawsuit For Debt Collection In Texas?

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  Being served with notice that you’re being sued by a creditor can feel overwhelming. But it is not cause for panic. Thousands of debt collection lawsuits are filed each month in Texas. You’re not alone, and you’re not in serious trouble. But you do need to answer the debt collection lawsuit within [...]

Can You File Bankruptcy On Private Student Loans?

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In July of 2021, students struggling to pay back private student loans were given a reprieve by the U.S. Federal Court, when it ruled that private student loans are not considered qualified higher education expenses. This effectively opened the door to discharge private student loans via bankruptcy.  Here’s what to know about relief from private [...]

How Coronavirus is Affecting Student Loans

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Coronavirus has affected people in different ways. Some people have contracted the virus and been unable to work for a couple of weeks or even a few months. Other people have been unable to work or have had their hours reduced due to the virus. Regardless of whether you have caught the virus or not, [...]

Sued By a Debt Collector or Lender? Get Expert Help Now!

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People are often confused by exactly who sued them when they a served with a lawsuit over an unpaid credit card or loan. It is important to hire a skilled debt defense attorney to help you eliminate or reduce your debt. Sued by Credit Card Company or Lender Some individuals are sued directly by the [...]