If you’re being sued by a debt collector, you may hesitate to contact a lawyer for assistance. Many consumers think that by contacting their creditors directly, they’ll be able to save money on attorney’s fees, but what they don’t realize is that they will likely end up having to pay more to their creditors instead. Here’s why it makes sense to hire an experienced attorney to help you navigate your debt lawsuit.

The Debt Collection Process

The first step in the debt collection process essentially involves harassing debtors into paying what they owe by sending threatening letters and phone calls. These attempts to collect debt are regulated at the federal level by our country’s consumer protection laws. If a creditor is unable to collect using these methods, they may file a debt collection lawsuit—and this is where state law comes into play.

You might be surprised to learn that in Texas, our laws work in favor of debtors. Other states allow wage garnishment; Texas does not. While property liens and bank account garnishments to collect on debt are legal here, they are easy to fight with a skilled debt defense attorney. 

How Debt Lawsuit Defense Helps

Ben Trotter recently spoke with business columnist Michael Taylor of San Antonio Express-News to discuss the advantages of hiring an attorney when being sued by a debt collector in Texas. Often, these lawsuits are meant to scare debtors into making payments. Creditors count on debtors to back down and pay what they owe in order to avoid going to court or hiring an attorney.

When debtors do show up with a debt lawsuit defense attorney by their side, that’s usually all that’s needed to get creditors to drop the case. They know that when a debtor has an attorney, it means they need to spend more time, money, and effort to collect—and often the amount they can collect just isn’t worth it. 

Because there are laws that regulate the types of funds in a bank account that can be garnished, this option is usually too costly to pursue because the onus is on the creditor to figure out where money in an account comes from. In Texas, debtor’s attorneys can get liens removed from declared homesteads. The result is that creditors are left with a relatively toothless lawsuit.

Ultimately, this gives Texas consumers the upper hand when it comes to settling debt collection lawsuits. While hiring an attorney may be the last thing you want to do when you’re already struggling financially, in the long-term, you’ll pay less. When you hire our firm for debt lawsuit defense, we offer reasonable, transparent fees and affordable monthly payment plans that start at $50 a month. We provide free consultations at our office or at a location convenient for you.

Learn More About Debt Lawsuit Defense

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