Are you being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates? If you’ve received any communication by mail or otherwise notifying you of a debt you owe to Portfolio Recovery Associates, you are most likely facing a lawsuit.


You may be confused because you’ve never done business with Portfolio Recovery Associates. However, do not ignore it. Doing nothing can result in negative consequences.


Wondering how to fight Portfolio Recovery Associates? The best way to fight the lawsuit is with the help of a debt defense lawyer.


Step 1: Get Help From a Debt Defense Lawyer 

When you’re facing a debt lawsuit, fighting it is always the best option. But don’t attempt to fight it alone. Hire a debt defense attorney to get the best outcome in your case. Once you call a lawyer, you don’t have to talk to Portfolio Recovery Associates anymore. Your lawyer will handle all communication from this point forward.


What happens if you ignore a debt lawsuit? 

You have a limited time from the date you receive notice of the lawsuit. If you fail to respond in any way, the court will place a judgement against you. This means Portfolio Recovery Associates has the right to freeze your bank accounts and seize your assets. Once a judgement has been placed it is incredibly difficult to get removed. It is always best to hire a lawyer to fight any debt lawsuit.


Step 2: Your Lawyer Handles Your Case

A debt defense attorney has experience fighting Portfolio Recovery Associates and other similar collection agencies. These agencies purchase unpaid and charged off accounts from creditors and attempt to collect these funds. During the transfer of these accounts there are often problems that occur, creating loopholes that lawyers can use to your advantage.


In many cases important documentation does not transfer with the account. If Portfolio Recovery Associates can’t prove that you were the actual person who accrued the debt or the exact amount of the debt, your case can be dismissed. If the statute of limitations that Portfolio Recovery Associates could have legally filed a lawsuit has passed, the case can also be dismissed.


If your lawyer cannot get your case dismissed, they will try to negotiate a settlement. In most cases your attorney will arrange a settlement that will significantly reduce the amount of the debt you owe. Because you hired a lawyer, you will likely pay just a fraction of the original amount.


How Do you Fight Portfolio Recovery Associates? Call Debt Legal Defense 

Now that you know how to fight Portfolio Recovery Associates and any other collection agency that contacts you about a debt, call an experienced debt lawsuit defense attorney. As soon as you receive communication about a debt lawsuit against you, contact Debt Legal Defense and explain your situation. If you wait too long or do nothing, the consequences are wage garnishment, bank account seizure, and other loss of assets. Instead, act quickly to reduce or eliminate your debt.

Call (210) 468-1008 or request an appointment today. We look forward to helping you get a better outcome in your debt defense case.