Should I Hire an Attorney if Someone is Suing Me?

2022-04-27T21:03:50+00:00By |

You have been sued. Now what? Should you contact the other party? How do you deal with creditors? Do you need to be prepared to argue when you go to court? What happens if you don’t do anything? What are your rights? Facing the unknowns that come with getting sued puts you in unfamiliar territory [...]

6 Things to Know About Student Loan Lawsuits

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You have spent years in college getting your education and making plans for your future only to find yourself face-to-face with a student loan lawsuit. There is no guarantee you will get a job after college. And, even if you do, you still may not be able to afford the hefty monthly fee you owe [...]

Do I Need a Lawyer for Student Loan Debt?

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When you take out student loans, you expect to be working in the field you have selected utilizing your degree to help you make money. Unfortunately, the reality for many people is quite different. Upon getting their degree, some people are unable to secure employment in their desired field or are unable to obtain a [...]

How Coronavirus is Affecting Student Loans

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Coronavirus has affected people in different ways. Some people have contracted the virus and been unable to work for a couple of weeks or even a few months. Other people have been unable to work or have had their hours reduced due to the virus. Regardless of whether you have caught the virus or not, [...]

Should I Hire an Attorney for Debt Lawsuits?

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Being in debt can be scary. You may have debt collectors calling you at home or work all day, sending you letters, and threatening to take legal action against you to recover their money. In some cases, they may even proceed with taking legal action, and you can find yourself facing a lawsuit. Most people [...]

Sued by Crown Asset Management? Here’s What to Do

2021-05-20T03:04:04+00:00By |

Are you being sued by Crown Asset Management? You may receive mailings or phone calls or both, claiming you have unpaid debts that must be paid to avoid a lawsuit. But you don’t have to put up with harassment from collection agencies; you have rights.   Debt defense lawyers specialize in helping people who are [...]

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