Are you being sued by Crown Asset Management? You may receive mailings or phone calls or both, claiming you have unpaid debts that must be paid to avoid a lawsuit. But you don’t have to put up with harassment from collection agencies; you have rights.


Debt defense lawyers specialize in helping people who are facing debt lawsuits. Hiring a lawyer can help stop the collection calls and either eliminate or reduce your debt. If you’re being sued by Crown Asset Management, here’s what to do.


Step 1: Call a Debt Defense Attorney. 

The most important piece of advice regarding debt lawsuits is this: do not ignore it. It will not go away. Once you are informed of the lawsuit, you have a set number of days to respond depending on where you are being sued. If you don’t, a court ordered judgement will be placed against you, resulting in bank account seizure, liens on non-exempt property, and other negative financial consequences. You must respond in some way, and the best way to respond is through a lawyer.


How can a lawyer help? There are a few different ways. Collection agencies like Crown Asset Management buy unpaid accounts from creditors. They get them for bargain prices and then try to collect on the debts. Any money they get from you and others is profit for them. They are hoping you will ignore the lawsuit so that they can get a judgement against you and collect more money. Here’s where the benefit of a lawyer comes in. The lawyer challenges Crown Asset Management on a few facts:

  • Lack of Documentation. Can they prove the amount of the debt? Can they prove you are the person who accrued the debt? In many cases they cannot, because they failed to get the proper documentation from the original creditor when they purchased the charged off account.
  • Expired Statute of Limitations. A creditor only has a certain period of time to file a debt lawsuit legally, and it varies by state. If the statute of limitations has passed, the lawsuit may be invalid.


Step 2: Wait for Communication From Your Attorney.

Once your attorney is on the case, you won’t have much else to do. All communication will take place between your lawyer and Crown Asset Management or their lawyer. If your lawyer needs any documentation from you, you will be notified in plenty of time to provide it. In most cases your lawsuit will be dropped or settled out of court, so you will not likely need to set foot in a courtroom.


Step 3: Make Payments, if Necessary. 

If the lawsuit is dropped, you won’t owe any money to Crown Asset Management. You will only be responsible for lawyer fees that you pay according to the agreement set forth between you and your lawyer prior to the lawsuit. If the lawsuit is settled for a lower amount than the original debt you accrued, you will be responsible for making payments until the debt is paid in full. With a lawyer’s help, the majority of cases are dismissed or otherwise settled for a fraction of the original debt.


Debt Legal Defense Specializes in Debt Lawsuits 

Are you being sued by Crown Asset Management? You’re not alone. Many people will receive lawsuits from this and other debt collection agencies. But you do have rights in this situation, even if the debt is your responsibility. With the help of a debt lawsuit defense attorney like Debt Legal Defense, you can experience relief of the financial burden you face.

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