Do you have reason to believe that someone could be suing you? If you have not yet been served with lawsuit papers, but you still want to find out if you should be expecting it soon, there are ways to find out.

One of the most common reasons you could be sued is because you owe a debt of some kind. Whether it’s a credit card company, a medical practice, a student loan lender, or any other creditor, the lawsuit is filed with the court system before you are served with papers. This gives you the opportunity to be proactive and prepare yourself for the possibility. Here’s how to find out if someone is suing you.

Step 1: Call your Justice of the Peace, County Clerk’s Office, and District Clerk’s Office. Any lawsuit that is filed with the local court system will be on file at your Justice of the Peace, county clerk’s office, or District Clerk’s office. You should be able to call and ask if there are any lawsuits filed against your name, even if you call the same day it was filed. Even if the lender is not in your city or county, it will still go through one of these offices.

Step 2: Go to the Clerk of Court in Person. If you are not able to find out the information you need over the phone, you may have better luck going in person to the Justice of the Peace, county clerk’s office, or District Clerk’s office. If you know which specific court your lawsuit may be handled by, going directly to that clerk’s office could save you some time.

Step 3: Search Online. Online databases should contain information about any lawsuits against you. Go to the county website for the civil court and use the search tool. Most search options are free and fairly reliable. However, if your online search provides no results, it may be that there is still a lawsuit out there. Direct contact with your Justice of the Peace, county clerk’s office, or District Clerk’s office is the most reliable source of information.

Are you being sued for student loan debt?

A student loan debt lawyer can help. Student loans are one of the most common types of debt. Many people have the intention of paying off their student loans, but are simply not able to afford the payments. If you have struggled to pay your student loans and you are now being sued for that debt, a debt defense lawyer can help you get relief.

How can a debt defense attorney help me?

The approach to helping you get relief from your loans and fight the lawsuit filed against you, depends on the type of student loan you have.

  • Federal loan. A federal loan typically requires either debit rehabilitation or debt consolidation. The government does not typically file lawsuits against people who owe a debt, they simply take the money owed through wage garnishment or tax return withholding.
  • Private lender. A private student loan lender may be more likely to negotiate terms with an attorney. The lender may agree to a settlement where you will end up paying back less than the original amount of the loan in more affordable installments.

You don’t have to try and navigate this complicated situation alone. Student loan debt lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you get relief from your student loan debt. In most cases you will never need to set foot in a courtroom.

Get Student Loan Relief with the Help of Debt Legal Defense 

If you’re being sued for student loan debt, contact Debt Legal Defense as soon as you are served or before if you find out through your own research. If you don’t know how to find out if someone is suing you, we can find out for you. Our experienced attorneys are standing by to handle your case and help you get relief from the debt that threatens your peace of mind.

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