Have you received lawsuit papers from Westlake Financial? If so, you may be confused because you most likely have never had a credit card from them or any business with them. Who are they? Westlake Financial, like many others, is a collection agency that buys charged off accounts from creditors. If you accrued unpaid debt on a credit card or other loan, that lender may have sold your account to a collection agency like Westlake Financial.


If you’re being sued by Westlake Financial or another collection agency such as Portfolio Recovery Associates or Midland Funding, a debt lawsuit defense attorney can help reduce or eliminate your debt.


Why Do Creditors Sell Their Charged Off Accounts?

You may be wondering why the original creditor doesn’t sue their customers themselves. Once the creditor has attempted to collect funds from you with no success, they charge off (or write off) the account, meaning they are giving up on ever recovering those funds. When they sell these accounts to collection agencies, they make a bit of the money back without having to take the time to file a lawsuit.


How Do Collection Agencies Profit From Purchasing Charged Off Accounts?

Collection agencies like Westlake Financial purchase charged off accounts from creditors for pennies on the dollar. Then they attempt to collect on those debts. Any funds they recover go toward their own profit. They use lawsuits to try and intimidate you into paying back your debt. If that doesn’t work, they get a court ordered judgement against you that can result in wage garnishment, bank account seizure, and loss of property. A judgement also has negative effects on your credit report.


Contact a Debt Defense Lawyer Right Away

If you’ve received notification of a lawsuit against you from Westlake Financial, contact a debt defense attorney immediately. You have a limited time to respond, typically only 30 days before you face a judgement. So don’t wait and don’t ignore it. A lawyer will likely be able to get your lawsuit dismissed or settled out of court.


How do they do this? Because debt collection agencies make mistakes and they don’t expect you to fight back. But debt defense lawyers know how to make the most of these loopholes. For example:


  • Lack of documentation. For the lawsuit to be valid, Westlake Financial must be able to prove with proper documentation that you are in fact the individual who accrued the debt and the exact amount of the debt. But when collection agencies purchase these charged off accounts, they often fail to gain the documentation to go with them. No proof, no lawsuit.
  • Expired statute of limitations. Lenders only have a certain amount of time to attempt to collect on a debt. If that period of time has passed, the lawsuit may be dismissed.
  • Invalid service of lawsuit. Lawsuit notification documentation must be served directly to the person being sued or to their residence and into the hands of a person older than 15. Failure to do so may result in a dismissed case.


These are just a few of the ways lawyers attempt to get debt lawsuits dropped. In many cases, if the lawsuit cannot be dismissed, it is settled out of court for a fraction of the original debt.


Get Help From Debt Legal Defense 

If you’re being sued by Westlake Financial, you have rights. Debt Legal Defense can help you with your lawsuit in many ways, such as:

  • Stop the collection calls.
  • Stop the constant mailings.
  • Prevent a judgement on your record.
  • Reduce your debt.
  • Possibly eliminate your debt altogether.

Get the help you need today. Call (210) 468-1008 to schedule a consultation or request an appointment. We will fight for your rights so that you can stop the harassment from collection agencies and have peace of mind.