Are you being sued by Midland Funding or Midland Credit Management? If you’ve received notification of a lawsuit or a bill from either version of Midland or any other collection agency, don’t pay them or respond.

Instead, call Debt Legal Defense at (210) 468-1008. We specialize in handling debt defense cases and may be able to help you save money.

What You Should Know About Midland Funding 

Are you wondering why you’re being contacted by Midland Funding about a debt you have through a credit card company or another creditor? The reason is that Midland funding buys delinquent or charged off accounts from creditors and attempts to recoup the funds for themselves.

Credit card companies sell the accounts that they don’t expect to receive payment for from the customer. These are accounts they have given up on and written off the debt as a loss. They can make some of their money back by selling these accounts to collection agencies like Midland Funding who are willing to buy them for a fraction of the total amount owed. Then Midland Funding seeks out the account holders and sues them for their debts.

Does Midland Funding Show Up in Court?

Midland Funding’s goal is to get the court to place a judgement on you. In order to do that, they must go to court on the specified date and hope that you don’t show up. Midland Funding makes a point to be in court for every case.

What Happens When Midland Funding Shows Up in Court and You Don’t?

If Midland Funding appears in court on the date specified in the lawsuit and you don’t, a judgement will be granted against you and in their favor. A judgement allows for liens on your property, your bank accounts to be levied, as well as other tactics to collect funds from you for the debt. A judgement is very difficult to have removed, so it is best to avoid it in the first place.

Should You Go to Court Alone? 

No. It would be in your best interest to seek legal help from a debt defense attorney. Showing up in person could prevent a judgement from being placed, but you still may be subject to paying back the full amount of the debt. When you get the help of a lawyer, the case may be able to be dismissed or settled for a significantly lower amount.

How Do Cases Get Dismissed?

When delinquent accounts are sold, often the collection agency buying the accounts doesn’t receive all the necessary documentation to prove you owe the debt. Why don’t they make sure to get this information? Because it will cost them more to purchase the account with all of the documentation included, and in most cases they don’t need it. Their goal is to buy the accounts for as little as possible and collect as much from you and others like you as possible.

If they can’t prove the following, the case is often dismissed:

  • That you are the person who accrued the debt.
  • The accurate amount of the debt.
  • That they actually own the account.

They must also file the lawsuit within the statute of limitations set by the state where the lawsuit is being filed. Failure to do so within the necessary time frame can lead to a dismissal of the case.

Why Do Some Cases Result in a Settlement? 

If the case is not dismissed, it can often be settled in court for a lesser amount. Midland Funding is not the original creditor, so your debt is not their loss. Their goal is to recoup as much as possible, and often a settlement is the best way to make money in their case. Your debt may be reduced to a fraction of the original amount.

Resolve Your Case Easily with Help From Debt Legal Defense

If you’re being sued by Midland Funding, take action right away. Contact Debt Legal Defense at (210) 468-1008 or request an appointment. We look forward to helping you resolve your debt lawsuit as quickly and favorably as possible.