Debt Relief Lawyer in Converse, TX

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Many residents of Converse, TX, struggle with past-due bills. They may need help with creditors and debt collectors contacting them to repay. When consumers suffer under the system in place, they may need expert legal assistance.

Our firm specializes in debt defense for residents in Converse, TX and the surrounding areas. We may be able to help you stop harassment, discharge unfair judgments, and reduce the amount you owe. Call Benjamin Trotter, Attorney at Law, P.C., at 210-468-1008 to ask about our services and make an appointment for a consultation.

Services We Provide in Converse and the Surrounding Areas

Judgment Relief

You may feel anxious about your financial future if you have received notice of a debt judgment. A judgment against you can damage your credit, preventing you from buying a car or home and sometimes getting a new job. If a company files and wins a judgment against you, our debt defense attorneys in Converse, TX may be able to negotiate the terms and make them more favorable.

Debt Lawsuit Defense

Debt collectors and creditors often file lawsuits to intimidate consumers into paying quickly. If a legal case comes into play, do not ignore it. Our lawyers can handle courtroom situations and settle out of court. We can predict the creditors’ actions.

Private Student Loan Defense

Private student loans are a common cause of defaults. Many students inadvertently take out loans they cannot afford, especially when they cannot get paid to work in their chosen fields after college or lose their jobs. Our debt lawyers may be able to help you negotiate a settlement with your lender and improve your financial future.

Medical Debt Defense

Medical debt is a significant problem in this country. Just one accident or illness is enough to cause severe financial difficulties. Frequently, even Converse, TX residents with health insurance need help to pay their bills. Medical debt collectors run a thriving business. Debt collectors don’t want you to know that a significant portion of medical debt is erroneous. Our lawyers may be able to help you determine whether your debts are fair and negotiate a settlement.

Consumer Law Defense

Debt collectors sometimes use underhanded and deceptive techniques to intimidate consumers into paying quickly. The federal government enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) several years ago. Our lawyers can help you take recourse when debt collectors break the rules.

Bankruptcy Debt Relief

When consumers in Converse, TX fall behind on their bills, they may believe bankruptcy is their most viable option. Federal Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be helpful for some consumers, but many other options exist. Our lawyers can help you understand the different paths you can take and how they will benefit your financial future.

Why Choose Debt Legal Defense?

Benjamin Trotter, Attorney at Law, P.C., is a San Antonio law firm, serving residents in Converse, TX. We have many highly experienced debt lawyers to help you combat the effects of falling behind on your bills. We take an aggressive yet fair approach to debt issues and can help you inside and outside the courtroom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Debt Relief Services in Converse, TX

What are the federal rules for debt collectors?

The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was enacted in March 1978 and has protected thousands of consumers from predatory practices. Here are several examples of illegal actions many debt collectors take:

  • Calling before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm
  • Contacting a debtor directly if they know the debtor has a lawyer
  • Collecting interest beyond that on the original debt
  • Threatening to arrest you or repossess belongings
  • Harassing you or anyone else through any means of contact

If you have experienced any of these problems, call Debt Legal Defense at 210-468-1008 to explore your options.

What should I do if I receive notice of a debt lawsuit?

Debt lawsuits can be highly intimidating. The first thing you should do is verify the events and the timeline in which they took place. You may be dealing with a fraudulent claim if the debt collector does not follow the rules.

Above all, do not ignore the lawsuit. Many creditors win these lawsuits because the consumers fail to appear. Call a qualified debt defense attorney to help maximize your chances of a positive outcome.

Call Debt Legal Defense

If you have reached your limit in dealing with debt collectors, it is time to ask for help. Our skilled attorneys may be able to help you settle your debt for less than the original amount and stop collectors from harassing you. 

Call Benjamin Trotter, Attorney at Law, P.C., at 210-468-1008 to ask questions about what we can do for you and make an appointment.