May 24, 2017
Our law firm has had a lot of recent successes including a string of four straight victories for our clients with no settlements or losses! The following four cases have been dismissed: Credit Card Cases from Debt Collectors Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC v. Client – Bexar County Justice of the Peace #3 - DISMISSED A case for an alleged old credit card debt brought by a debt collector resulted in our client’s case being dismissed.
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Who the Heck Sued Me?

November 29, 2016
People are often confused by exactly who sued them when they a served with a lawsuit over an unpaid credit card or loan. It is important to hire a skilled debt defense attorney to help you eliminate or reduce your debt. Sued by Credit Card Company or Lender Some individuals are sued directly by the company that issued them a credit card or a loan.  In these cases, you likely know why you are being sued.
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