Auto Loan Lawsuits

June 1, 2017
Debt collectors have begun acquiring deficient accounts from banks and other lenders much like groups that buy up old credit card debts. An auto deficiency account is created when a car is repossessed because a person defaults on their auto loan, the vehicle is then sold, and the amount paid at auction does not cover the balance of the loan. A party bringing a lawsuit for an auto loan deficiency, whether the actual lender or a debt collector, must comply with the Texas Business and Commerce Code in order to prevail.
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Who the Heck Sued Me?

November 29, 2016
People are often confused by exactly who sued them when they a served with a lawsuit over an unpaid credit card or loan. It is important to hire a skilled debt defense attorney to help you eliminate or reduce your debt. Sued by Credit Card Company or Lender Some individuals are sued directly by the company that issued them a credit card or a loan.  In these cases, you likely know why you are being sued.
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